Between February 11 and July 16, 1858, the Virgin appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous. At its 9th appearance, she follows the instructions of the Virgin and discovers a water source at the foot of the cave of Massabielle in Lourdes.


Thursday, February 11, 1858 :

With her sister Mary (1846-1892) , known as Toinette and Jeanne Abadie, a friend, Bernadette went along the Gave to collect bones and dead wood. Because of his poor health , she hesitates to cross the Gave , jelly, as his sister and her friend. It is then surprised by a noise and looked up to the grotto of Massabielle : "I saw a lady dressed in white : she wore a white dress, a white veil also a blue belt and a yellow rose on each foot ." Bernadette says a prayer , the woman disappears.

Sunday 14 févrirer 1858

His parents forbid Bernadette to return to the cave. She insists, they yield . There, she recited rosaries and sees the lady appear . She throws holy water . The lady smiled, nods and disappears.

Thursday, February 18, 1858 :
Bernadette , under the pressure of bourgeois lourdaise , asked the lady to write her name. The latter replied : "That is not necessary ." Then she adds , "I do not promise to make you happy in this world but in the other. Do you have to come here for fifteen days ? "

Friday 19 févrirer 1858

Bernadette comes to the Grotto with a blessed and lit candle (which has since become a habit ) . The lady appears briefly.

Saturday, February 20, 1858 :

The lady tells a personal prayer to Bernadette at the end of his vision, has received a great sadness.

Sunday, February 21, 1858 :

A hundred people accompanied Bernadette . The lady present ( Bernadette only ) and the Police Commissioner Jacomet asked about what she saw . Bernadette simply repeats " aquero " ( this)

Tuesday, February 23, 1858 :

Accompanied by 150 people, Bernadette went to the grotto where the apparition reveals a secret " just for her ."

Wednesday, February 24, 1858 :

The lady sends a message to Bernadette: " Penance ! Penance ! Penance ! Pray to God for sinners ! Kiss the ground in penance for sinners ! "

Thursday, February 25, 1858 :

300 people were present . Bernadette explained that the lady asks him to drink from the source : " Go drink at the fountain and wash yourself . You shall eat the herb is there. " . Bernadette later recalled : "I found a little muddy water. In the fourth test I could drink . " . The crowd accused of being crazy and she replied: "It is for sinners ."

Saturday, February 27, 1858 :

800 people accompanied Bernadette . The Apparition is silent , bernadette drinking water.

Sunday, February 28, 1858 :

2000 people attend the ecstasy of Bernadette praying , kissed the ground , crawling on his knees. Judge Ribes threat of prison.

Monday, 1 March 1858 :

1500 people accompanied Bernadette , including, for the first time, a priest. The same night, Catherine Latapie , a friend of Bernadette went to the Grotto and dips his dislocated arm in the water source : his arm and hand regain their flexibility.

Tuesday, March 2, 1858 :

The crowd is very important. The lady asked Bernadette : "Go and tell the priests to come here in procession and to build a chapel ." Father Peyramale , pastor of Lourdes wants to know the name of the lady and in addition requires specific evidence : he wants to see the rose flower / rose hips Grotto in winter .

Wednesday, March 3, 1858 :

3000 people accompanied Bernadette . The vision does not come. Later , Bernadette feels called and returns to the cave where she asked his name to the lady replied with a smile . The priest Peyramale insists: " If the lady really wants a chapel , she says her name and make the rose bush bloom of the Cave "

Thursday, March 4, 1858 :

Approximately 8,000 people are waiting for a miracle to the cave. The vision is silent. For 20 days, Bernadette feels more invitation to visit the cave.

Thursday, March 25, 1858 :

The apparition to Bernadette shows and Bigourdan said in dialect - the language spoken by Bernadette - raising his eyes and clasping her hands : " Que soy era immaculada Councepciou ." Bernadette holds these words , she does not understand , and say short the priest, who is troubled four years earlier , Pope Pius IX made the term Immaculate conception dogma and Bernadette said ignore it designates the Virgin. The rose has not bloomed.

Wednesday, April 7, 1858 :

Dr. Douzous finds that the flame of the candle held by Bernadette during the apparitions around his hand without burning .

Thursday, July 16, 1858 :

This is the last appearance . A fence prevents access to the cave. Bernadette crossed the Gave and sees the blank exactly as if it was in front of the cave.